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Apr 13, 2010 6:00am EDT
a decade since they evaluated any vehicle this poorly. yet another black eye for toyota. >> that's right. >> it, of course, is the parent company. >> this is a rare and very direct warning for buyers and owners of the lexus gx 460. about 5,000 cars have been sold. consumer reports says do not buy this car. they found significant and severe rollover risk during turns. they do all of these controlled testings, four different drivers found the same problem. they got another vehicle, found the same problem on this one. they say it is not isolated. it is a problem with the electronic stability control system. it manages the brakes and the steering together. so if you're going up an off ramp and there is some sort of an obstacle, you turn quickly, there could be a real rollover risk for people with this car. if you have this car, they say be very careful on any on ramps or off ramps because they're very concerned about the stability of the vehicle in those circumstances. take it to your toyota dealer and demand a fix. if you don't own this car and thinking about it, consumer reports in a very
Apr 15, 2010 6:00am EDT
story, safety tests now being ordered on every suv that is made by toyota. >>> the automaker insisting it wants to put customers at ease after being forced to halt sales of their high-end lexus. consumers reports warned the readers not to buy it after there was potential rollover risks. >> we are tracking the story this morning. you brought us earlier in the week, when we last left, toyota hadn't weighed in. >> toyota has learned a tough p.r. lesson. auto giant moving quickly after the highly respected nonprofit group, consumer reports, warned their readers not to buy the gs-460. a potential stability problem with the $52000 suv. the vehicle's rear end repeatedly slides out in tight turns posing a risk for rollovers when exiting a highway. toyota is ordering tests on all of their suvs to determine potential problems. the company denying published reports in japan that it is recalling the 2010 gx-460. if you do own one and you are nervous about driving it, toyota is offering a free loaner car until the problem is fixed and identified. the big problem is that the company says, quote, the
Apr 12, 2010 6:00am EDT
this time of year. >> still to come, a worker at toyota risks his job sending a letter to the company's president warning about possible safety problems. hear how the company responded coming up next. i've been growing algae for 35 years. most people try to get rid of algae, and we're trying to grow it. the algae are very beautiful. they come in blue or red, golden, green. algae could be converted into biofuels... that we could someday run our cars on. in using algae to form biofuels, we're not competing with the food supply. and they absorb co2, so they help solve the greenhouse problem, as well. we're making a big commitment to finding out... just how much algae can help to meet... the fuel demands of the world. if it's not there are over 50 international awards we'd better give back. the jaguar xf. the critically acclaimed result of a very different way of thinking. i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to work with kids. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to
Apr 8, 2010 6:00am EDT
. that's a live press conference taking place at 6:30 eastern. >>> new details that some of toyotas employees are not happy about how the auto giant handled safety concerns about the faulty gas pedals. the call from one executive came back in january five days before a huge recall. his message was clear. we need to come clean. our deb feyerick is tracking the developments for us this morning. she joins us now. so this was an executive that said, we need to make changes? >> those words, we have to come clean gets a lot of attention. it is clear that toyota executives were scrambling to find out the best way to deal with their huge accelerator problems. one of the company's top public relations executives warned toyota, we need to come clean about the sticking pedals. they are saying that toyota was not protecting their customers by keeping quiet about this. in the e-mail by toyota's recently retired u.s. vice president for affairs, herb miller writes, we have a tendency for mechanical failure in accelerator problems. the time to hide is over. it was sent in january, days before the m
Apr 20, 2010 6:00am EDT
insisting the vehicle is safe. we'll tell you what else toyota is saying that moment. >>> two of al qaeda's leaders taken out during a u.s. raid north of baghdad. we'll tell you what the sign of strength might mean for u.s. troops in the region. >>> the a.m. fix blog is up and running. the conversation is ongoing right now. we would like to hear from you about anything in the news. go to we'll be reading your comments throughout the morning. >>> first though, the volcano eruption is getting stronger this morning sending a new plume of ash 15,000 feet into the sky. fr forecasters say it's spreading over the u.k. and could complicate flights this morning, especially in london. europe's air traffic agency says less than a third of flights scheduled to take off yesterday actually got off the ground. millions are still stranded on both sides of the atlantic and thousands living out of carry on bags at airports all over the board sharing soap and living off of in-flight snacks. the state department says 40,000 americans are stuck in great britain alone. rob marciano has the
Apr 19, 2010 6:00am EDT
. >> other stories new this morning at 14 minutes past the hour. toyota's faulty gas pedals bring on the largest fine ever imposed to the auto industry. the automaker is expected to agree to pay the government more than $16 million for waiting four months before reporting problems. >> you'll love this. five major airlines backing off plans to charge passengers for carry-on bags. spirit airlines recently announced a $45 fee to store bags, yes, in the overhead bins. chuck schumer got involved. he got delta and jetblue to promise they will not follow suit. he is meeting with spirit's ceo tomorrow. >> we actually had him on the show and talking about that whole thing and christina did a little breakdown of what you're getting when you fly these days. >> unbelievable. >> but we're talking about goldman sachs and the sec accusing this huge bank of fraud. >> a fraud charge for goldman sachs, a company that has minted money over the past 15 months, a company that took bailout money over a year ago, now charged with fraud by the sec. this story is just getting started. the drama started to
Apr 23, 2010 6:00am EDT
money. i was fascinated to see this associated press poll, it was taken back in march when toyota was sort of at the height of what was happening to it. people were asked if they favor u.s. vehicles or asian vehicles. 46% of people favored asian people in 2006. look at how those numbered changed in march, 38% favor american vehicles, 33% favor asian vehicles. it's a rise of nine points for american vehicles but a drop of 13 for asian vehicles. is that a reflection of toyota's woes or are people coming back around? >> that is a remarkable finding. a year ago nobody could have predicted it would show results like that. toyota is bringing down some of the other japanese brands a little bit. it is bringing down honda and nissan a little bit. the other thing going on, the american cars are getting better. >> let's look at some of those. the ford fusion, the 2010 motor trend car of the year. >> this is a great car. this is the type of cars they neglected for a long time. a mainstream family car, they forgot about in favor of suvs. it is a terrific car. >> the mustang? >> we have muscle
Apr 14, 2010 6:00am EDT
for "minding your business." toyota is temporarily such as pending sales of its lexus gs-460, the automaker promising to get to the bottom of a safety po tenial problem. there is an increased rollover risk making turns. toyota is asking lexus dealers to stop selling the vehicle until the problem is identified and corrected. >> we heard that story yesterday, and toyota did not have a response yesterday but they're weighing in on it. facebook, meanwhile, launching its redesign safety center. you know, facebook has been the subject of a lot of attention when it comes to how to police this, how to keep sex offenders off of these sites. they have new tools for parents, teens, teachers and police to deal with threats. the changes come the day after facebook officials met with child advocacy groups who have been pushing for something like a panic button that users can use or push it to report problems. >>> and speaking of the internets -- you hate to do it. >> internets. >> i like to this, throw that out. it's a pain in the neck to remember mixed case, upper, lower, a number or symbol. changing pa
Apr 29, 2010 6:00am EDT
, this morning, another toyota recall. 50,000 203 sequoia suvs have a problem with the establishment systems. if you own one, you should be getting a recall letter from toyota next month. >>> felony charges filed against 27-year-old eric stansberry for allegedly making a bomb threat aboard a transatlantic flight. stansberry told air marshals he had explosive on the flight. the plane was landed in bangor, maine. no explosives were found. a judge ordered competency tests for stansberry who apparently had taken ambien and valium. >>> and if your flight sits on the tarmac for more than three hours, after two hours, passengers must be offered food, water and restrooms and medical things if needed. >>> well, it's an organization rooted in the outdoors, teaching young men survival skills in the unforgiving wilderness. well, foundation a boy scout can get a notch in his belt, or a bloop, actually, for pounding nubs on x-box. did i say that right? yes, boy scouts of america now offers awards for video games. it's about conclusion an age-appropriate game with your parents. wait, it gets less fun. play
Apr 1, 2010 6:00am EDT
. >>> the mercedes-benz e-class and the toyota prius all in running for the 2010 car of the year award. the winners will be announced 8:30 eastern from the new york international auto show. >>> i love this one. how many times have you told your kids that the claw machine is for suckers, right. a spongebob stuck in there forever. don't waste your time. someone's finally cracked it. it's a tutorial on youtube that shows you how to master the art of the crane and get the goods. how do you fit in there? how big is that slot? >> it's big enough for him to fit in. he was trapped in there for a little while before they were able to -- all the moms -- god bless her. they finally got him out. >> how did they get him out, with the hook. >> dropped it right down the slot. i had a couple people actually show me, one of the amusement parks. took my kids, what to look for. if it's a stuffed animal that's jammed in with a bunch of other ones, you're never going to get it. you have to pick the one lying on top. you pick them close. >> take that knowledge with tout office this morning just in case. let's check in w
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10